Finally A Time to Rest

We’ve been going hard here in Honduras. We hit the ground running with a full day of urban immersion in the city center on Wednesday, a visit to the AFE ministry and garbage dump on Thursday, then a three day camp for AFE students. This is one of the best teams that I’ve ever had […]

Honduras Update

We have just finished our camp with the students, and it was a fantastic experience. Bryan and I have been off the radar the past few days with the team having all this fun… and no service! The camp we stayed at was beautiful and remote. Many of the actives Lisa and her team have […]

Learning about AFE

Today our group of adventurers drove to the AFE (Love, Faith, Hope) urban ministry that provides education, health care, and community development initiatives for children and families who live near the municipal garbage dump in Tegucigalpa. The majority of the families work at the garbage dump. The leaders of AFE shared their vision to bring […]

Day 2 of Honduras!

We have hit the ground running with our cultural immersion experience here in Honduras. Today we went into the city of Tegucigalpa as we began to learn about the city and culture in which we are serving! As we walked people were incredible friendly. We had the opportunity to briefly get to know some people […]

The Honduras Journey Begins

We’ve arrived safely in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for a week of new adventures. The travel was smooth for the 14 Pittsburgh-based members of the team, and we met up with 5 additional team members who flew in from different parts of the U.S. After we made it through Passport Control and Customs, we met up with […]