Day 2 of Honduras!

We have hit the ground running with our cultural immersion experience here in Honduras. Today we went into the city of Tegucigalpa as we began to learn about the city and culture in which we are serving!

As we walked people were incredible friendly. We had the opportunity to briefly get to know some people and pray for those who asked us. We loved hearing about their favorite parts of their country. Also we are blown away with how generous the people are here. The museum of art was closed, but they opened it so we could simply have a tour! Most of the art themes included wholesome concepts such as love and eternity, and living a prosperous, good life by caring for others. We have found so much of this points to the deeper heart of Honduras.

We spent much time engaging in conversation with others about the values of Honduras and why this matters for our purpose in being here. We are really team building! The passion Lisa has for this country and Brian’s passion for urban ministry is quite the duo to learn from!

Also to seal the day off we got caught in a heavy down pour as it is the rainy season!

In the coming days we are continuing to open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit as we learn about Honduras and what God is doing here.

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