Finally A Time to Rest

We’ve been going hard here in Honduras. We hit the ground running with a full day of urban immersion in the city center on Wednesday, a visit to the AFE ministry and garbage dump on Thursday, then a three day camp for AFE students. This is one of the best teams that I’ve ever had the privilege of leading. They jump in where ever they are asked, they build relationships, they embrace the challenging teaching that I’m sharing with them, they seek to understand the culture and to serve others, and they are SO MUCH FUN!

After an intense start to the trip, we took some time today to simply rest. We debriefed the camp experience right after breakfast. Then, we headed to wander around Valle de Angeles to shop, sip coffee, eat some more amazing Honduran food, and to share our hopes and dreams with each other about what we’re doing and how God is moving in the midst of all this experience. I can tell that our team is experiencing transformation in so many ways… spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically in some cases (we’ve had a LOT of bug bites). God is doing a great work here in Tegucigalpa and with our team.

Tonight we shared a full meal together where we practiced the concept of mutual invitation to debrief the day. We each (all 27 of us including interpreters) had the opportunity to share highs, lows, and learnings from the trip. Tonight we had a blast jumping around in the swimming pool and telling tales of our adventures. There was lots of joy and laughter, and lots of reflection on what all of this means for our lives. As a trip leader, my heart is full as I sit in my hammock and type with the cool tropical rain dropping on the tin roof outside my room. This morning our alarm clock was nature… macaws announcing their presence to the world at 6am right outside of our windows. Should be another early morning with the full chorus from our macaw friends. We have one more day of debrief at Lisa’s house, one final evening with our Honduran host families, and then we’ll head to the airport on Wednesday. We’ll miss everyone in Honduras, but we’re all looking forward to getting back to share our adventures with friends and families.

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