Lead Pastor Update

Friday, April 23, 2021

North Way Family,

The snow this week was awesome.  Except no one feels or says that in April!

Sometimes I’m amazed at how much we fuss, talk and wonder about the weather.  And despite all that energy … it’s still something that is totally out of our control.  The same can be true with a lot of things in our lives that consume so much of our attention.

This is what I love about prayer.  When I pray, God often focuses my heart and mind on things of significance.  Some of the recurring things that I feel prompted to pray about include the salvation of family/friends, healing for our city/land, and change in my own heart.  Prayer is so vital in the life of a follower of Jesus.

So here’s my question … are we still praying like we did when the news and subsequent impact of COVID first hit our world?

May we never view prayer as just an emergency line, but instead, understand that it is our daily source of sustenance here on Earth.

Here are a few quick items to note:

  • The Great Opportunity: Making Disciples of Jesus in Every Vocation – join in for a book launch webinar with author and North Way dear friend Dave Buehring.  In this book, Dave looks at all of our work, and unlocks the opportunity we all have in walking in our calling … right at work!  Wednesday, April 28th, 7 pm, register here.
  • Parables – this weekend we will be in Luke 12, looking at a parable that challenges us all right where we need to be challenged.  Give it a read, ask God what He is speaking to you about it, and join this weekend expectant to grow spiritually!


The Lord is at hand,

Dave D’Angelo
Lead Pastor

North Way Christian Community
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