Lead Pastor Update

Friday, April 9, 2021

North Way Family,

Spring is in bloom everywhere you look, sunshine has been abundant, and temperatures are warm.  Beauty is all around.  It really is magnificent, if we take time to look.

Psalm 19 expresses that creation reveals God’s glory to us.  It is amazing how much the enjoyment of God’s creation fills our souls with hope and renews our spirits.  But again, to experience this revelation, we must intentionally seek to observe and feel it.

This may sound simple but take time to enjoy the change of season if you have not already.  Every one of us needs hope and renewal.  May we never take for granted the provision of God found in His creation.

One quick item:

Parables – This weekend we begin our journey through 12 of Jesus’ parables, with the unmerciful servant found in Matthew 18.  Take a moment to read this parable and ask God to prepare your heart to hear from him, in advance of our service gatherings this weekend.  As often as we may have heard these teachings, there is always something fresh to better understand and apply to our lives, if we are willing to hear and see …

The Lord is at hand,

Dave D’Angelo
Lead Pastor

North Way Christian Community
12121 Perry Highway
Wexford, PA 15090

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