Lead Pastor Update

Friday, February 12, 2021

North Way Family, 

Here are a few quick things to note: 

  • Online Service Experience – although we stream our weekend services across several different platforms, the most reliable, as well as the one with the most features is found through our website.  Here’s a link to click on and bookmark for easy access.  Click HERE.
  • Rooted – this weekend in our services will be a great chance to learn more about this truly unique group experience.  If you have not yet been through Rooted, I highly recommend this as a great way to dig deeper into what it means to follow Jesus.  Rooted is also a great way to re-engage as a follower of Jesus. Registration opens tomorrow, February 13. Check out the opportunities for groups HERE.

As you may have noticed, small groups are pretty important at North Way.  In fact, our church began as a small group of people gathering together in a home.  2021 actually marks our 40-year anniversary as a church.  
But, small groups are not just a part of our foundational beginnings.  They have been woven into the very fabric of our DNA as a church. 

If this feels like a commercial for groups, it’s because it is one!  Personally, I look back at this last year and am deeply thankful for my own small group in how they encouraged, challenged, listened and prayed.  I could not imagine this last year without these folks in my life. 

I want everyone at North Way to experience this deeply significant sense of community and friendship.  In the next few weeks at North Way, the opportunities to join a group will be plentiful.  Join one. 

The Lord is at hand, 

Dave D’Angelo
Lead Pastor

North Way Christian Community
12121 Perry Highway
Wexford, PA 15090

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