Lead Pastor Update

Friday, March 19, 2021

North Way Family,

This week in a prayer gathering, someone shared this challenging thought – Am I loving others in a way that is costing me?

The question stemmed from Philippians 2:2-11.  Take a moment to read this passage.  It is a call to love others the way that Jesus loved.  And within that call is a sobering reminder that Jesus’ love for us cost him something.

In this last year, COVID may have altered many things about life but it does not eliminate our call nor our ability to love others out of humble, selfless ambition.  Easter is right around the corner.  In the shadow of both the cross and the resurrection, this question about loving others in a way that costs me something looms large.

So … who are you loving in a way that is costing you something?  Consider this question in prayer and in action this week.

One quick item:

  • SV Campus Worship Services – this weekend the Sewickley valley campus is adding a second in-person worship gathering on Sundays at 9 and 11 am. For anyone in that surrounding area, join in!

The Lord is at hand,

Dave D’Angelo
Lead Pastor

North Way Christian Community
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