Lead Pastor Update

Friday, May 21, 2021


North Way Family, 

Sometimes we can be so forward facing and future oriented, that we don’t often pause to look back and remember.  However, it is time to stop and celebrate! 

This weekend completes the spring semester of Rooted after a pause over the course of this last year.  And despite the pause and online nature of the last year, we have much to celebrate!  250 people participated in Rooted!  That is 250 people digging into a Biblical foundation of what it means to follow Jesus, all through the context of a small group.   

There’s more … 20 people will be getting baptized at the Rooted celebration, with the opportunity for more to be baptized on the spot!  There’s more … 10 participants will be giving a testimony about Jesus at the celebration in front of the entire group.  There’s more … we have folks driving in to participate in person, after having joined in from other states online for the semester! 

We have much to celebrate and remember as a church!  This is important because we become what we celebrate.  Let’s keep our eyes fixed on God’s goodness rather than anything else that vies for our attention. 

One quick note: 

  • Parables – Matthew 13 records the parable of the weeds (also named wheat and tares).  Dedicate some time to read this before this weekend’s services.  There is much to think about and consider in that parable. 

The Lord is at hand, 


Dave D’Angelo 

Lead Pastor 

North Way Christian Community
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