Honduras Update

We have just finished our camp with the students, and it was a fantastic experience. Bryan and I have been off the radar the past few days with the team having all this fun… and no service!

The camp we stayed at was beautiful and remote. Many of the actives Lisa and her team have planned surround learning about God’s creation. Spending time looking at the stars, having reflection and group time outside, giving a message out by a campfire, and cooking our own breakfast by fire are all part of the learning experience!

We also led them through fun relay races, boat design (think foil boat down a creek) and a zipline into a pool called RAMBO. Additionally, our crafts team had the students make their own tie dye shirts and bucket hats. Those turned our to be a hit.
And of course seeing the Holy Spirit work in us and through the kids this week was the biggest highlight. Having reflection time in the morning, worshiping in Spanish with the students and sharing our testimonies with the kids were all great.

Some of girl leaders experienced some break through with their students after they shared their testimonies, so that is awesome! The boys are funnier as it seems they bond best with us through play and making jokes. That is not too far different from what I am used to!

Although we did have really great conversations with them, the kids are going through so much we realize some of them are jaded about God because of where their life is. It is hard, but we know we can continue to pray for them and sometimes being present and just showing you care is all the Lord needs of us. Our hearts break for these kids, but we know prayer is powerful. So may we continue to pray for them!

There is much to say, but I will be “brief” for now. We are grateful to be here and thankful to be learning from the Lord how to love and partner with Him in this journey. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we turn the tide of the trip to spend some more intentional time with Lisa and her staff.

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