We can't wait for your family to join us for summer's best week!

KidsGiG is North Way Christian Community’s summer experience for kids in preschool through 5th grade, where they can grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship.

Never been to North Way or a church summer camp before? That’s perfect! We are so excited for you to join us because that would make summer’s best week even better.


Our schedule is jam-packed, and there’s never a dull moment. Here’s what’s in store each day:

We start each day together as one big group, learning a new Bible story through high-energy music, funny dramas, and compelling storytelling. It’s guaranteed to knock some socks off!

In groups of 8-12, leaders will help campers dive into Bible stories through fun activities and discussion that will help campers understand and apply each lesson.

Did someone say humongous inflatables and water gun showdowns? Each day, campers will have tons of fun laughing and creating memories together.

Because God loves us, we can love others. Campers will hear about the work people are doing to serve God by loving others and learn how they can do it, too!

Even parents get to join in on summer’s best week! All campers will get the chance to show their families what they experienced through the Family Celebration’s large group, worship, and more. Check your campus’ registration page for a specific date and time.

KidsGiG 2022

If you throw a pebble into water, what happens? Waves form! They spread across the water. What if God made you to make waves that could spread across the world around you?  You are made in God’s image for a purpose: to follow Jesus, to trust Jesus, to love others, to change the world around you, TO MAKE WAVES!

“Whoever believes in me…rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38, NIV

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To make sure every kid can experience summer’s best week, KidsGiG will be held at six different locations around Pittsburgh. All campers in preschool through 5th grade will attend KidsGiG the Monday through Friday of each campus’ week. Check campus registration for specific times. The cost of registration includes a T-shirt, fun giveaways, and more!

KidsGiG is open to preschoolers through fifth graders! Please register your child in the grade they were in for the 2021-2022 academic school year. Check your campus’ registration page for age requirements on registering preschoolers. Select your campus below to register:

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KidsGiG Sensory Friendly Experience

Offered at Sewickley Valley
July 11-15

We are excited to offer KidsGiG as a sensory friendly summer camp experience for kids preschool to 5th grade. Everyone is welcome! KidsGiG gives all kids the opportunity to experience action-packed days filled with awesome music, creative Biblical teaching, and engaging activities.

Yet, we recognize that the bright lights, loud music, and large crowds of a traditional camp experience may sometimes be overwhelming for kids with sensory needs. Kids who participate in the sensory friendly experience will share the same KidsGiG experience as their peers, but will benefit from individualized adaptations that will provide them with the best possible opportunity to grow in God (GiG).

For those who are possibly over-stimulated by bright lights, loud noises, and large crowds, we will be offering a live stream of the main session (Bible teaching, worship music, etc.) in a separate, quieter space. Additionally, we will have an adapted small group curriculum and a separate, quieter space for the small group discussion time. Finally, we will have fidget-toys, noise-cancelling headphones, and two sensory rooms (calming room and gross motor skills room) available if needed.

Our sensory friendly summer camp is July 11-15 at our Sewickley Valley location and is open to all kids in the Pittsburgh region, preschool – 5th grade. We cannot wait for you to join us for summer’s best week as we grow in God together!

For more information on sensory friendly events at North Way, click here.


Our goal at KidsGiG is to present the Gospel in a powerful and fun way that will engage kids and encourage them to take their relationship with God to the next level.

We believe that the experience families share together at KidsGiG has the power to shape the way children see the world and nurture growing faiths. To provide an amazing camp experience for our kids, we need YOU to be a part of the team!

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