Learning about AFE

Today our group of adventurers drove to the AFE (Love, Faith, Hope) urban ministry that provides education, health care, and community development initiatives for children and families who live near the municipal garbage dump in Tegucigalpa. The majority of the families work at the garbage dump. The leaders of AFE shared their vision to bring about transformation in the area. We toured the ministry and spent time learning from their leaders and teachers. We had a great time playing with the children at the school for a couple hours.

In the afternoon the leaders of the ministry took us up to the garbage dump to help bring food and water to the workers. We walked around with the leaders and prayed with various individuals who were open to having someone pray with them. Actually going to the garbage dump is an overwhelming experience (it is for each group that I’ve taken there over the years). It is worth it, though, to see where God is at work in that community and to get to know the context for the camp that we’ll be doing with AFE students over the weekend.

After the visit to the garbage dump, we went out into groups into the homes surrounding the dump so that we could visit with the families who are being served by AFE. It was heartbreaking for many to see some of the living conditions of the children that we will be serving with our camp. At the same time, it was amazing to see the ministry that is taking place there with local leaders who are doing remarkable work in addressing some of the most complex challenges that the community is facing. They’re truly building children and families up. The pandemic presented a real setback, as it has for so many organizations around the world. They’re rebuilding as strong as they can, though. Our team is thankful to be here to be a part of the Christ-centered community development process.

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