NW App Test Group

Welcome! You have been invited to test North Way’s app before it’s debut this fall. To get started, follow the steps below.

1. Download The Church App

To get started, search for “The Church App” on your mobile or tablet device in your app store or follow the download link below.

2. Get the North Way App

After you’ve installed The Church App, hover your smartphone camera over the code below and follow the prompts including “turning on notifications.” This temporary app is for testing purposes only. Please do not share with anyone just yet.

3. Sign Up

(a) In the top left hand corner of the app, tap on the hamburger menu.

(b) Choose Log In or Sign Up.

(c) Select Continue with Email.

(d) Select Create an account.

(e) Complete your profile, as desired.

4. Join the Messaging Test Group.

(a) In the top right hand corner of the app, select the conversation bubbles.

(b) Under Discover, click on Test Group.

(c) Select Join Group.

(d) To start a conversation, choose Conversations then the blue + sign in the bottom right hand corner.

(e) Send a message to Lisa Bacher confirming you have downloaded the app, created an account and joined the Test Group in Messaging.

5. Let the Testing Begin!

Our hope for the North Way app is to connect our church members to the resources and information they need most. We want to connect our people to the most up-to date info and utilize messaging capabilities to communicate among staff, volunteers, and small groups. Whether you need to ask for prayer, reach the Counseling Center, or access a Bible study, we hope this app can be a one-stop shop for all things North Way. For families, we’re hoping to bring kids’ check-in through the app soon as well!

6. Let Us Know ...

Please take a few moments to navigate through the app’s pages and take note of what stands out to you. Is the wording confusing? Is it difficult to find what you’re looking for? Could a process be better streamlined? We want to know! We so appreciate you taking the time to test and review our app, and we hope that together we can connect our ministries like never before.

After you have finished going through the app, please navigate to the “Resources” tab and complete the “Feedback” form. We welcome your thoughts and ideas!

Thank you for taking the time to help make our app better for all of North Way. We are grateful for you!

– The Creative Team

This will be the page for all of NW to download the app.



Resources to download to promote app are located on the Subsplash Dashboard under General Settings.

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