North Way Ordinations

For the last several years, North Way’s elders council, pastors, and several staff have been diligently engaged in studying the topic of the ordination of women. This engagement was filled with prayer, study, discussion, and debate, and led by the Holy Spirit.

Upon completion of this time, we now affirm, in unity, that God creates both men and women in His image, that He gives the same Holy Spirit at salvation to all, and that the same Spirit distributes the same gifts, as the Spirit sees fit, to both men and women for service with no gender-based distinction. Hence, the elders of North Way affirm that women are Biblically qualified for ordination as pastors and are called to use those gifts for the furtherance of the gospel. As such, we are excited to invite women to pursue ordination as pastors at North Way.

We are especially pleased to announce Shannon McCabe Libengood as our Executive Pastor of Spiritual Formation. Shannon was officially ordained on November 21, 2021, after completing the ordination process led by our Elder’s Council. Shannon has a long and rich history with North Way and has served in many capacities on staff. To hear more of Shannon’s story, please click here. To help understand both the heart behind this decision as well as the Biblical scholarship supporting it, please check out the Discussion video, position paper, and additional reading resources below.




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