Relief Efforts

Afghan Refugee Relief

Over the coming months, the United States is expecting to see several thousand Afghan refugees arriving in our country. Pittsburgh has been identified as one of 19 cities where they can choose to come, so we want to share ways that you can get involved locally to help welcome them to our city. If you’d like to learn more about what’s happening in Pittsburgh with refugees or more ways to volunteer with refugees in our city, please email

Resources (Frontiers USA):

  1. Serving Afghan Refugees
  2. Welcoming Our Afghan Neighbors 17Sep21
  3. A Brief Afghan Culture Orientation for Host Nations V.2
  4. A Better Country-Embracing Refugees in Our Midst — Cindy M. Wu
  5. Muslim Refugees-A Guide for Service Providers



  • Pray for the individuals who are still trying to leave Afghanistan to safety.
  • Pray for God’s protection over the refugees as they try to make their way out of the country to safety.
  • Pray for the Church that has been growing over the years in Afghanistan – that they find peace and safety.
  • Pray for women, children, and other groups of individuals whose safety is extremely vulnerable right now.
  • Pray for peace in the future of the country.




Keep an eye out for future volunteer opportunities with other organizations across the city as Afghan refugees continue to arrive. Organizations that help with ESL, service coordination, mentoring, and more will be looking for volunteers. Email for more information.

Haiti Relief

North Way has partnered with Pittsburgh Kids Foundation for many years in reaching Haiti with the hope of the Gospel. Get to know more about their work in Haiti. Donate for the relief efforts through Pittsburgh Kids Foundation.

World Vision Haiti identified seven locations for Child Friendly spaces and will be up and running by early September. Hygiene kits, food vouchers and shelter tarps continue to be distributed in Cayes (one of the most devastated areas). Long-term response plan still aims to target 60,000 children and 180,000 people focused on sectors related to WASH, Shelter, Food Security, Child Protection and COVID-19 prevention.

Hurricane Ida Relief

Cutting Edge Relief – We need volunteers to assist those affected by recent hurricanes and disasters. As a volunteer, you will demonstrate the love of Christ through helping with the cleanup of homes and yards, chainsaw work, carpentry, drywall installation, and general home repairs, as well as be a support to those who are suffering the devastation of the disaster.

Volunteers will need to bring linens/sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and personal hygiene items. We will supply tools, but volunteers may bring their own tool belts and small hand tools. Volunteers should dress in long pants and bring work gloves, safety glasses, and sturdy work shoes.

The trip’s cost is $350.00 per person, and this covers transportation, meals at the site, and housing. You will need to bring money for meals during the travel down and back.

For more information, contact Bill Richardson at 412.418.7371 or

Donate here.

World Vision
– Church partner distributions through US programs and warehouse truckloads are moving into some of the hardest hit areas of Louisiana. Intense flooding, lack of power and access to clean water remain some of highest concerns.

Donate here.

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