The Honduras Journey Begins

We’ve arrived safely in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for a week of new adventures. The travel was smooth for the 14 Pittsburgh-based members of the team, and we met up with 5 additional team members who flew in from different parts of the U.S. After we made it through Passport Control and Customs, we met up with our global partner, Dr. Lisa Anderson Umana, and we all piled into a huge van to transport from the airport to Tegucigalpa. Along the ride we got to know each other with some ice breaker activities and cultural training. Even though we have such a large group, everyone seems to be bonding right away. It really is a great group of people. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this group this week.

We arrived at a local shopping center, walked around the neighborhood to learn more about the culture in Honduras, and we gathered together again to debrief and prepare for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we’ll do a full day of urban immersion in the city center of Tegucigalpa, so we went over some instructions. Then, we all unpacked the van and met up with our host families. The host families drove everyone to their homes, had dinner, and everyone is relaxing tonight after a long day of travel. We’re all looking forward to getting some rest and hitting the ground running bright and early in the morning.

I’m praising God that so much came together today for this journey. It was a lot of planning, but all of that preparation is already starting to pay off. God is opening the doors already to some meaningful connections and conversations with this group. I’m excited for the week ahead!

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