Hear from Our Pastors

Founding Pastor

Dr. Jay Passavant



LEAD PASTOR – January 2020



This transition is healthy and honoring. It is the product of prayerful obedience from all parties involved. Both Scott and Dave are walking in step with the Holy Spirit and confident in the call God has on their lives. Pastoral transitions are notoriously difficult and messy, and often the result of harmful behaviors and attitudes. This transition is a result of God’s leading. No circumstances or people are forcing Scott out, and he is excited to submit to Dave’s leadership. Dave is humbly continuing the ministry established by Scott. We celebrate this transition because it is what is best for Scott, Dave, and North Way!

One of North Way’s greatest strengths is that it is not a personality driven church. We are led by faithful and diverse staff, elder, and volunteer teams. As a result, we are not a church built on the personality of a single leader. While Jay, Scott, and Dave will each leave their unique mark on North Way’s story, the identity of North Way will continue to be shaped by the Holy Spirit and the team of leaders who are surrendered to his leading.

Yes and no. Dave originally came to North Way four years ago to lead our Family Ministry. His family was fortunate to return to their hometown and Dave got to use his gifts in a job and church he loved. He didn’t come here with his eyes on the Lead Pastor role, and was never identified as Scott’s successor. But God had bigger plans. He knew that Dave’s unique skill set was needed in the next part of North Way’s story. Prior to North Way, Dave led in large multi-site churches in an executive role for 8 years and also consulted with churches through a nationally known church consulting team. Through Scott’s empowering leadership style, God positioned Dave in places where he could continue to hone the skills he would need to lead North Way as we enter a season of multiplication. As you hear Dave share his story, it is evident that God has been preparing Dave for this role for many years. However, Dave was not identified as a candidate for the Lead Pastor role until the fall of 2018 when the transition committee identified a list of viable internal candidates.

Initially, very little. Under Dave’s leadership, we will continue to relentlessly pursue North Way’s vision of reaching the Pittsburgh region with the hope of the Gospel. While Dave will certainly bring new ideas and fresh experiences to our church, there will not be any dramatic changes to our current ministries. Likewise, there will not be any substantial changes to other leadership roles.

In many ways, this process has been developing for a long time. When Scott assumed the Lead Pastor role in 2011, he received a clear word from God that his time in the position would be 8 years. Over the last few years, Scott continued to sense God confirming that word. As a result, in June of 2018, Scott formally approached Elders Council with the request to begin a pastoral transition. From there, Elders Council formed a Transition Team that evaluated multiple internal candidates. In October 2018, Dave was identified as the lead candidate and began an 8 month interview process. In June of 2019, Dave accepted the position of Lead Pastor.

God is continuing the story He is writing through North Way! As we enter the multiplication phase, more people in the Pittsburgh region will hear the hope of the Gospel. But this would not be possible without the visionary, pioneering leadership of Jay, or the hard work of establishment from Scott. God appoints different leaders for different seasons. We are confident that Dave is called to lead North Way as we multiply disciples of Jesus and make his name great across our city. This is an incredible time to be part of what God is doing through North Way!


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